AlegriA is the second ending theme of Kakegurui, which is performed by the band D-Selections. It can be listened to here. The original MV for the song can be watched here.

Ending animation


It depicts Yumeko Jabami walking in a beautiful forest. She, Mary Saotome and Kirari Momobami can also be seen lying in a circle on the ground. There are glowing blue butterflies and long snake-like skeletons. Yumeko comes across a frozen Kirari in the woods and hugs her. She also seductively does the same with a frozen and lying Mary.


After that, her soul erupts out of her body. She now resembles a beautiful fairy spirit and keeps on walking towards the screen, while colorful light fountains are shining in the background.


English Romaji Kanji
If you writhe in agony, I will give you, I will give it you
Even turn the despair into nourishment, come over here
If you give up your body and soul, I will answer, answer to you
Tragedy is swallowed by pleasure

Completely bare lust takes you
(like melting)
Then eventually, you start to live only for the numbing moment

Ah, a thirsty soul, raise your grail (Soul)
Let's sing for joy as if you are gonna be broken
Accolades cannot satisfy this throbbing feeling
(I want to feel it)
It's crazy craving like I can bet my life

Notautsu hodo ni motomeru no nara ataeyō ataeyō
Zetsubō sae kate ni shite shimau sā oide
Mi mo kokoro made mo sashidasunara kotaeyō kotaeyō
Higeki mo etsuraku ni nomareru

Amari ni mo sekirara na retsujō ni ukasare nagara
( tokete iku yō sa)
Yagate shibireru yō na shunkan dake o negai ikiru

ā katsubō suru tamashī yo sakazuki o kakage( tamashī yo)
Kowareru hodo kanki no uta o utaō( kanki no uta)
Kassai de wa michitaru hazu mo nai uzuki
( kanjitai n da)
Kakeru hodo kuru oshī

のたうつ程に求めるのなら与えよう 与えよう
絶望さえ糧にしてしまう さあ おいで
身も心までも差し出すなら答えよう 答えよう

やがて痺れるような瞬間だけを願い 生きる

嗚呼 渇望する魂よ 杯を掲げ (魂よ)
壊れる程歓喜の歌を 歌おう (歓喜の歌)
喝采では満ち足る筈もない 疼き

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