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The Coin Flip of Fate (unofficial name, originally just called コイントス - "coin toss" in Japanese) is an extremely important gamble in Kakegurui's second season, despite being very short and simple. It was held between Yumeko Jabami and Rei Batsubami. Ririka Momobami was the one to suggest a coin flip and then throw it in the air.


Yumeko trying to convince Rei to gamble

After Rei lost all her votes in the Auction, she was desperate since her whole plan failed. She wanted to take revenge on the Clan for mentally breaking Yumeko's sister. Yumeko reminded her however, that there was still something she hadn't lost. Earlier Yumeko let 3 million Yen bring in, which she won from a previous gamble and gifted them to Rei so they could gamble.

Rei accepts the gamble

Yumeko told Rei that gambling was her life's only purpose and how much she enjoys the risk. Rei is disturbed by her crazyness, but realizes that for the first time she can bet something for her own sake alone. She decides to take on the challenge and free herself from the invisible chains, she had put upon herself.


Rei Batsubami bet the 3 million Yen that she received and Yumeko staked the Jabami name, since its equal in worth. If she were to lose she too would be banished from the family and become a Batsubami. If Rei loses it would mean that she lost everything once again and stays as livestock forever.


Rei choosing a new name for herself

The next day, Ryota tells Itsuki about the events and that Yumeko won, meaning she received 3 million Yen. However even though Rei lost, Kirari was very fascinated by Rei's determination and risk taking. So she took her up into the clan again and she is a human being for the first time. She also got to choose a new name. It's left ambiguous what that name was and it might be that she is now a Jabami.


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