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Double Memory is a modified version of Concentration, a card game that is also known as Memory, or Shinkei-suijaku (神経衰弱) in Japanese. The game was created by Itsuki Sumeragi who played it against Yumeko Jabami.


The game requires two players and is similar to memory, albeit with slightly modified rules. The game requires the two participants to find a match for a card they turned over in the hundred and four card game (two decks). Cards must match in terms of number and suit. If one player cannot find a pair, then it is the other player's turn; if a player finds a pair, his turn continues until he cannot successfully find a pair, then his opponent can start his turn. The player who finds the most 54 pairs of cards wins the game.


Itsuki explaining his cheating.

Itsuki designed special decks of cards that produce a small image on the back that differs from the regular deck of cards his family's toy company produces. The cards are temperature sensitive and with the heat induction circuit in her bag, she is able to keep the cards warm and retain her secret image. When placed, the cards have a cool-down period of two to three minutes, which allows you to easily match cards against your opponent and memorize the location of the rest of the cards if the cool-down period is over.



Having heard about Yumeko Jabami and her landslide victory against Mary Saotome, Itsuki wanted to bet with her. She invited her to play, completely ignoring Ryota Suzui who was with her.


Having explained the rules and having Yumeko agreed to play, with the two of them betting twenty million yen (borrowed by Itsuki), the two didn't take long to get started. They didn't form a pair for a long time, until Yumeko was the first one who managed to form one. They formed several pairs and the people around them noticed how they'd been making no mistakes for some time, as if they always knew where the cards were if they'd turned them over before. Ryota ended up noticing too. At one point, however, Itsuki ended up getting ten cards in a single play, giving him an advantage against his opponent. Yumeko played next, but didn't pair up, causing Itsuki to win when he played again. Ryota worriedly noticed that she didn't have the money to pay her, and so would become a pet.

Itsuki wants Yumeko's nails.

She called her over and asked them to play another game, actually begged her, since she couldn't pay the twenty million she owed. Laughing, Itsuki opened a box and told him about his hobby of collecting nails, but told the secret about them: they were all human nails, taken from human fingers. She said it would be easy to get more with her money, but no one really sells her nails, which is why the nails in her collection were acquired through gambling, after which she claims she wanted Yumeko's nails.

Ryota thinks like the rumors about a first-year girl who forced people to bet their nails are true and tries to stop Yumeko from accepting, but to no avail. She just says there was no other way unless he wants to pay her for her, causing him to back off. Using two new decks, Itsuki secured the betting terms with his opponent and then began to play. Itsuki, however, was certain that she would win thanks to her cheating with marks on the cards for being from a line that she personally developed. When she noticed, Yumeko paired up on her first turn, then asked about Itsuki's family's total income, continuing to pair up, much to the other's confusion. She then warned her that before staking the family's work, she should be prepared.

Connecting the dots, Itsuki quickly thought that she might have figured out the trick and that if it got out it would be very bad for her father's job, deciding that she would turn all the cards over once it was her turn, but her turn has never come since Yumeko turned over fifty-four cards, signifying that she had won that game, much to the surprise of everyone, including the one who lost.


Itsuki cries and asks Yumeko for forgiveness.

Itsuki nodded as she figured out where the cards were and Yumeko simply said that if she had been a little more careful, she wouldn't have figured out the card marks trick. Itsuki wonders how she was even able to memorize all the patterns and connect them together. Yumeko suggested they play something else and maybe both bet their nails as a common risk between the two since it would get in the way of the loser's daily life. The mere thought of the risks taken in this type of bet excited her. Yumeko begged her to bet with her like that, screamed, spat in her face, but Itsuki was simply too scared and cried in fear, begging for forgiveness. Ryota tries to push Yumeko away from Itsuki, but she just comments on how annoying it was.

Because of her defeat, Itsuki was expelled from the Student Council.


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