Fasciation Hall (双頭蓮館) is a place and a game in the Kakegurui series. It is played during the Election.


The game is played by eight people. Four of them (Nanami Tsubomi, Arata Ooinu, Mugi Sarugaya, Moe Kijioka) are considered "NPC"s and can never be the final victors. The game is invalid if any of them win.

Players are given a special wristwatch. In the first step, they choose one of the twelve rooms. Multiple people can choose the same room. Each room is randomly assigned a number from 1 to 12, which is the "score". The score is shown on every person's wristwatch during the second step. Finally, in the third step, players can challenge each other. If your score is inferior to your opponent's, you lose.


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