Hang Bingo (吊りビンゴゲーム) is a game played by Midari Ikishima and Nana Ootori. She was invited by Midari to play against her. She is quite scared, but swears to defeat Midari in order to get revenge. Tooame, Shagatake and Kururudo act as dealers during the game.


Each player gets a board with numbers on them and then random numbers will be drawn. However the goal is the opposite from regular bingo, because the person who gets a bingo first will be suspended by her neck from a certain height, depending on the current total score.

If the hanged player is able to resist five minutes while she is suspended, the game is resumed.


Midari is the first player getting a bingo and is therefore suspended for five minutes. Tooame and Shagatake cheer for her, Kururudo is checking the time with a chronometer, while  Nana is excited about her imminent victory and yells she should hurry up and die.

When Midari's body stops moving, Nana assumes she's dead and exults, celebrating her victory. It turns out that Midari is still alive, possibly because her feet were touching the floor due to her tall height. She is thus let down, coughing but still clearly excited for having almost died. She praises her for making her go through that experience, while Nana nervously realizes the game will be resumed.

However, since Nana is clearly unable to keep going, the game ends there.


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