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Housepets, formally known as students with uncooperative tendencies, are students who have fallen into the bottom 100 contributors of donations to the Student Council at Hyakkaou Private Academy, thus losing their general rights as independent humans at the school.


The Student Council announces rankings on a regular basis and has heavily tied it to the state of gambling at the academy, covertly using the systems to control individuals with power through the amassing and centralizing of debts. They are also responsible for enforcing debt payments across students to further solidify the system. To further exploit, coordinate, and manipulate the Housepet situation themselves, the council often schedules events such as Indian Poker, Grand Tournament, and the Bloom Festival.

Housepet tags on a table

Housepet tags on a table

When a student becomes a Housepet, they are required to wear tags that signify the status to others. These students are often referred to as "Doggy" or "Kitty" ("Fido" or "Mittens" in the dub). Once a Housepet are subject to abuses, taunts, and are required to follow the demands of other non-pet students. Some of these requests range from mild chores to extreme scenarios such as sexual gratification and emotional abuse.

Each Housepet is given a single chance to challenge any other student in a match, known as an Official Match, often in large bets that are last attempts at escaping their outcomes. Many times these are played against the Student Council themselves as a way to gain not just recovery from debt, but also standing among the student body.

Notable Events

When the series begins, Mary attempts to lure Yumeko into playing Vote Rock-Paper-Scissors as an attempt to wrangle her as a Housepet.

Jun incredibly tired and thin from housepet abuse

Jun after becoming a housepet for several months

The game of Indian Poker was set up specifically to create a gamble between Yumeko and Jun Kiwatari: Sayaka Igarashi mentions that the outcome is a win-win, as Jun has a powerful family who would be tied to the Council or a loss for Yumeko would further bury their problem with her.

Notable Housepets

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  • A class's president is almost always a Housepet as the role is something no student actually wants.
  • Students often don't expect others to rise out of Housepet status
  • Rei Batsubami points out that the students don't have to abuse the house pets; even May refused to continue associating with her friends after they didn't support her.