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The Hundred Votes Auction (100票オークション) is a gamble exclusive to the anime. It was Rei Batsubami's secret plan to become president. Inaho Yamato was the present overseer. It was played by Yumeko Jabami, Ryota Suzui and Mary Saotome. Although all of the Student Council was invited, only Yuriko Nishinotouin, Midari Ikishima, and Ririka Momobami showed up. Secretly, the Hundred Devouring Families were also present and betting.


As an auction, each round 100 votes are up for bid at a minimum bid of 1 vote. Each player may bid as much as they would like towards the votes, however any bids placed will be automatically paid to the auctioneer regardless of the outcome. For example, if one player bids 30 votes and another increases bidding to 80 votes, a combined 110 votes will be received by the auctioneer, the first player will lose 30 votes, and the second player would gain 20.

Each player’s bid is anonymous and players may not coordinate with each other to plan bids.


The Momobamis secretly participating

Rei was secretly participating at first to inflate vote bids. After the group discovered that a bet happened which none of them was responsible for, she was exposed and she promised to stop.

However, it is also later revealed that players in another room were also contributing to the bidding war, further encouraging inflated bids.


All of the players bet and everyone won a few times. However they were losing a lot of votes and only Rei was really making a lot of profit. Mary announced that she would bet 100 votes no matter what. Since everyone was worried about betting anything, none interfered and Mary was able to win. But since there was still one bet, she figured someone else must be participating secretly. This led them to the discovery of the other players.

Yumeko then requested Inaho to bring 3 million Yen to the stage. She offered it to Rei and wanted to play with her. Rei then dropped her façade and revealed her true self and why she arrived at the academy. Yumeko then still wanted to continue the auction. Rei was continuing to profit and all of the Momobamis thought themselves foolish for not ever considering Rei could make a move on them. All of them were gradually losing.

But then Yumeko started to bet 101 votes every time. The other players didn't interfere because it would be pointless. But with these unreasonably huge bets, Yumeko tried to tell them something. By betting really small amounts and no one interfering, they could all profit and that they must work together and not compete with each other. Rei panicked and called it cheating, but Inaho didn't think of it as so, since none of them talked. So each of them got to win once, one after another, until Rei Batsubami lost all her votes. She was desperate so Yumeko challenged her to one final gamble where they would both bet it all.


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