Jun Kiwatari is a minor antagonist in Kakegurui.


Jun is very tall and muscled man. He has short, dark brown hair with sideboards, tan skin and black colored eyes. He wears the Hyakkaou Private Academy issue uniform that consists of a red blazer with black trim that lines the cuffs and collar and has gold buttons for decoration. He wears a white button up shirt underneath with the top unbuttoned as well as a pair of gray-black colored school jeans with and brown loafers.


Jun is portrayed as a typical bully type. He is an aggressive, arrogant and sadistic person, who loves dominate others. For example, he made use of Tsubomi Nanami's housepet status and cut her long hair, probably only because she really valued them and threatened Yumeko Jabami when she didn't strip in front of him and his friends.

Kakegurui - Compulsive Gambler

When Yumeko first became a housepet, he and his friends told her to strip. Ryota attempted to interfere, but was stopped by them. When Yumeko refused, even saying he is not her type, he got violent, but Midari Ikishima came and stopped him. She offered him to be able to "do it" with her, if she shot at him once, with only one bullet in the chamber. Jun left Yumeko, calling Midari crazy.

During the dept-swap game, he got paired up with Yumeko and Mary. He wasn't a housepet, but decided to go there just to make some money and ruin another housepet. Nanami was also there. Before the game, they made out a secret sign to show each other what card they had. He was confident and cocky during the entire game, until Yumeko pointed his cheat out. The plan backfired as Yumeko motivated Nanami not to listen to Jun. He got really angry. In the end, Nanami ditched him and he lost. However, he thought it wouldnt be that bad, but Yumeko and Mary had swapped out their debt-boards, meaning his current debt, he received was way higher. Thus he became a housepet. he got extremely mad at Yumeko, attacking her. Luckily Sayaka stopped him with a tazer, since she already mentioned that violence was forbidden. Currently, he is most likely still a housepet and his friends don't hang out with him anymore.