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Kakegurui Trip (賭ケグルイ悦 (トリップ)) is a spinoff light novel written by Hikaru Muno, Homura Kawamoto's younger brother, and supervised by Kawamoto himself. It was illustrated by Tooru Naomura. It contains one volume with 7 chapters.


The story is about a tropical casino resort owned by Hyakkaou Private Academy where Yumeko, Mary, and Ryota go on a trip. New characters are also included.

Characters Appearances

New Characters

  • A housepet girl from Hyakkaou, who goes on to gamble at Yumeko. She has a rather depressed look and gets angry when Yumeko eventually acts crazy again.
  • A male student, who plays twister with Yumeko, Mary and Ryota.
  • This girl is the manager and owner of the casino on Ryouran Island, who also goes on the trip. She seems to be quite confident and also takes on Yumeko in a gamble.


# Chapter list Japanese release date English release date
1 Volume 1 August 22, 2017 N/A
  • Prologue: Prologue
  • Chapter 1: Ryouran Island Forest School
  • Chapter 2: Casino Dominium
  • Chapter 3: Beach and Ace
  • Chapter 4: Poker Tournament
  • Chapter 5: Raison d'Être
  • Epilogue: Epilogue

Gambles Introduced

  • Closed Poker
  • Drink Guessing Game