The cover of the first disc

The cover of the second disc

This is Kakegurui XX's Soundtrack, for the second Season of the Kakegurui Anime. It was composed and arranged by TECHNOBOYS PULCRAFT GREEN-FUND and was released on May 17, 2019 alongside the first Blue-Ray disc of the anime. The second disc released on Jun 28, 2019 together with the second Blue-Ray as well.

The cover of the first disc depicts Mary and Yumeko lying on a banquet of fruits and flowers, decorated with candles. The second cover features Rei and Kirari supposedly underwater in her aquarium.

Tracklist (unofficial titles)

Disc 1

  1. Kakegurui XX (main theme)
  2. First Strike
  3. The Momobami Clan
  4. Warriors of Hyakkaou
  5. Ready for War
  6. New Day, New Game
  7. A Scheming Gambler
  8. The Devil's Pleasure
  9. Exquisite Aroma
  10. Waltz of Trickery
  11. Guillotine Ballet
  12. Toxic Sisters
  13. The Thrill of Life or Death
  14. A Tower of Decisions
  15. It All comes Down to This
  16. Thin Phase, Thin Theory
  17. Lingering Demon
  18. Bewitching Madness XX
  19. A Flowering Snake XX
  20. Conspiracy
  21. A Feeling of Jealousy
  22. Open Cards
  23. Two Pair Maiden

Disc 2

  1. Crazed Mind
  2. Amazing Grace
  3. On the Edge of the Cliff
  4. The Water's Voice
  5. Escape the Fruit
  6. After the Diceroll
  7. Self-esteemed Soul
  8. Silent Happiness
  9. Luck Streak
  10. Stained Conscience?
  11. Joker's Dance
  12. Deadly Bounty
  13. Return in New Colors
  14. Immersed in Passion
  15. Zero
  16. Lament of Heartlessness
  17. Lily Flower's Embrace
  18. Let's Check it Out
  19. Senseless Dance
  20. Channeling One's Self
  21. Unsure Preference
  22. Two Pair Maiden (Yumemi only)
  23. Two Pair Maiden (Yumeko only)
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