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Kakegurui Yorozu (賭ケグルイ公式アンソロジー) is a spin-off anthology that was published on July 22nd, 2017. The series is written and illustrated by 32 various artists, each bringing their own talents to unique stories.


Mary Saotome and Yumeko Jabami are playing rock-paper-scissors when Yumeko draws a... unexpected card.

Kirari Momobami has been obsessing over Yumeko, and Sayaka Igarashi is going to find out why!

Yumemi Yumemite is forming an idol group with her, Yumeko, Mary, and Midari Ikishima, and she's chosen some very... interesting performance uniforms.

Sayaka challenges Yumeko to a gamble, and the president already has a game prepared! It's... a pocky game?!

Kirari has become bored of her hairstyle, so her and Sayaka gamble over it in the Hairstyle Gamble!


  • Chapter 1: Kakegurui (Yoshimura Kana)
  • Chapter 2: Sayaka Wants to Uncover a Secret
  • Chapter 3: The Girls Form an Idol Group
  • Chapter 4: Sayaka and Yumeko's Love Gamble
  • Chapter 5: Kirari and Sayaka's Heart Thumping Hair Catalog

Gambles Introduced