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Kanade Musubi (結 奏) is a supporting character in the spin-off series Kakegurui Twin. He's a student who comes from a very rich and influential family, but struggles to find a girlfriend for himself.


Kanade is overweight, of average height, and has black parted hair. In Mary's opinion, he has no appeal. He wears his standard male uniform issued by Hyakkaou Private Academy.


Kanade excited for the Coupling Party

Although Kanade has access to a large amount of financial resources due to his wealthy family, he is not that confident and feels self-conscious about his appearance. Kanade is a kind and sweet person, but gets overly excited in front of girls. When talking to them, he sweats a lot and feels embarrassed easily, which makes him seem creepy. Throughout his life, he was always perceived as repulsive by girls, and this shaped him as a person.

Kanade desperately wants a girlfriend or at the very least to lose his virginity, regardless of who, as he hopes to feel more equal within his friend group that is mostly composed of very handsome men.


Kakegurui Twin

The guys in anticipation

Kanade participates to the "Coupling Party" event where he hopes to get a girlfriend. They teamed up with Chitose Inui, who would tell them which girl wanted to confess to him. With this they tried to win, since he desperately wanted a girlfriend. Kanade is too excited and has high hopes. He introduces himself to them and starts to flirt immediately, which creeps out Tsuzura. Yukimi is the one who would have had to spend a night with him, which she really didn't want, but he was excited for. But Mary eventually finds out about their cheating and exposes them. However he still gets to eat lunch with them. He tried to enjoy it as much as possible.

Kanade telling Ren to wait up

After having been defeated by Mary, he developed feelings for her. Whenever he sees her, he waves and greets her. Hoping for another chance, he and his friends later show up at Mary's gambling den for a revanche. Kanade isn't ready to give up yet, especially since he's so in love with Mary. However Sachiko Juraku is also at the club and they then play Doubt Poker against her. But since they were all defeated by her, he was dissapointed, that he wasn't able to impress his crush at all. The others were leaving, but Kanade wanted to stay longer. He waved goodbye to Mary and then ran off after them.


  • Kanade is seventeen.
  • Kanade doesn't like gyarus.