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Midori (美鳥) is a minor character in Kakegurui. She is friends with Mary Saotome.


Midori has pretty long wavy hair in a shade of burnt yellow or yellowish brown and brown eyes. She wears Hyakkao's standard women's uniform, which consists of a white button-down long-sleeved shirt, black cross tie, red blazer with gold buttons, gray skirt and black calf-length socks.


Her, along with her friends, are easily swayed and called idiots by Mary several times for being as susceptible to sudden changes and easily fooled as they were by Rin Obami. They are also the type to humiliate pets, but also can't handle Yumeko Jabami's weird and crazy attitude.


Midori and Aruka received Yumeko after classes and asked her several questions. The three also watched her play Rock, Paper and Scissors Voting with Mary. Apparently, they collaborated with the cheat, being surprised when Yumeko found out about it. After Yumeko lost against Yuriko Nishinotoin , the three came to laugh at her for having acquired a debt she couldn't pay, but quickly left when they saw that Yumeko didn't care about it and started to act like a stray cat.


  • Midori means "beautiful bird."