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Nana Ootori (鳳 那々) is a minor antagonist in Kakegurui Midari. She is well-known for using those who are owing her money (mainly girls) for sexual exploitation to rich and powerful men.


Nana has long dark hair with bangs, having a ribbon attached to one of her bangs' flocks. She wears the standard female Hyakkaou Private Academy issued uniform: a red blazer with black trim lining the cuffs and collar, a white button-up dress shirt with a black string tie, a dark pleated skirt and the academy’s issued footwear which is brown loafers with black soles.


Nana is extremely sadistic, as she enjoys ruining other people's lives by hooking them up with rich men in exchange for money. Nana is also shown to be very selfish and didn't care that Ayame would potentially kill herself. Nana is also a good swindler and cheats in every game. However, she gets nervous quickly when faced with any kind of threat towards herself.


Kakegurui Midari

Nana being confident in her victory.

Nana is first introduced after winning a match against Ayame Nureba, who now has a debt of ¥200,000. Since Ayame is unable to pay it, they agree to do a rematch. However, Nana wins again through cheating, leaving Ayame with a total debt of ¥10,000,000.

Nana threatening Ayame.

As Ayame is still shocked about her loss, Nana joyfully explains her whole plan of what is she intending to do with her, mentioning a company that hires “only cute girls like Ayame” to use them as prostitutes for rich businessmen. Horrified, Ayame tries to explain that she doesn't want to have sex with a stranger but instead with someone who she truly loves, but is interrupted by furious Nana, who is telling her that “her opinion is irrelevant”, which leads Ayame to attempt suicide.

Nana's distressful behavior during the game.

After Ayame comes back from the roof, Nana agrees to gamble with her one last time. Nana plans to cheat again by using her special distributing method and by this gaining another victory. Nana’s plan seems to be effective again until Midari Ikishima comes in and calls her out for cheating, proposing a new game called Hand Knife Trick instead. Both Nana and Ayame have to take a compass and stab between spread-out fingers. Whoever gets more stabs in a minute wins. Nana begins to sweat as she doesn't want to risk her fingers, but Midari explains to Nana that they will use Midari's hands so they won't feel any pain. At first, Nana is worried that harming a Student Council member may get her in trouble but eventually agrees to participate in the game. During the match, Nana acts very nervous but is also determined to end it as quickly as possible, believing that Ayame's gambling skills are nothing in comparison to hers. As Ayame accidentally stabs Midari's finger, Nana is both happy that not only Ayame will hopefully get in trouble, but also that Midari, whom Nana found crazy, got hurt.

Nana playing Hang Bingo against Midari.

After Midari screams at Ayame to continue her turn, she then proceeds to pierce her fingers even more, which Nana finds to be pretty messed up. Due to being much faster, Ayame becomes the winner of the match, which Nana finds completely unfair. When Midari tries to encourage Ayame about joining her, Nana is shocked by the fact that they both had fun during the match. Nana is then seen being left behind by Midari and Ayame, thinking of them both as “weird and crazy”.

Later, Nana is blackmailed by Midari and forced to play a game called Hang Bingo. The person who gets bingo will be hanged by their neck from a certain height, which depends on the current total score. Nana is at first completely terrified, but then remembers that she swore to defeat Midari at all costs. Midari happens to be the first to get hung. After Midari stops moving, even though Nana is shocked, she is at least glad to have won and screams with joy. But Midari is actually still alive and they have to continue for another round. Nana is horrified and starts panicking, which eventually leads to her being unable to even speak. Midari is disgusted by her cowardice and leaves with her friends, abandoning Nana to the fate of probably having to sell her body herself. Nana is desperate, but manages to find strength in her hatred for Ayame, swearing to ruin her.


  • Ootori (鳳) means "large bird". It refers to the Fenghuang, the Chinese phoenix.
  • Nana (那々) literally means, “What?”


  • "It's cruel that you don't have a chance to pay off your debt... It wouldn't be easy for me either. Of course, there's a risk. You win and I'll pay off your debt, otherwise... You'll fuck with one guy tonight. At this school... It's not a good idea to do such a thing. It's too weird."