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Rumia Uru (宇留 瑠美亜 Uru Rumia) is a part of the Election Committee who serves as a referee during election gambling matches.


Rumia has black messy wavy hair that is partly covered in a hood of her hoodie, heavy-lidded violet eyes, very delicate features and a sleepy expression.

She wears a penguin variant of the orange Election Committee kigurumi over a standard female Hyakkaou Private Academy issued uniform and her nails are painted a light purple.


Rumia enjoying the mistrust among the players

Rumia is a very friendly and polite person who is being dreamy and pronounces some words very slowly, such as stretching out a words vowel, which makes her a bit airheaded. She also seems to not care about others think of her, responding to Ibara Obami politely after he called her voice annoying, adding that this is something which she apparently hears a lot.

Despite her sleepy demeanor, she is actually anticipating conflicts between other gamblers, enjoying interesting situations in games and finds them thrilling. She likes to see the gamblers learn a lesson of trust in the Greater Good Game. In that regard she is somewhat similar to Yumeko Jabami, just that she isn't in the game herself and simply watching.


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Rumia explaining the game

Rumia is the observer tasked with keeping the players from cheating during the Greater Good Game with Kaede Manyuda, Ibara Obami, Miroslava Honebami, Yumi Totobami, Terano Totobami, Yumeko Jabami and Itsuki Sumeragi. She explains the rules to everyone and then guides each of them to the room with the two boxes. She then announces the results of each round. Whenever he discussion time is over, she rings on a bell. And when Yumeko, Ibara and Kaede vote for it, she expels Miroslava. At the end of the game she gives down the final verdict and distributes the votes as prizes. She also agreed to the third-party bet between Terano and Itsuki.

Rumia announcing how many coins were spent

She is also among the observers, that bring in Yumeko's three billion Yen into the theater hall. When Ibara is selling Scumcoins for Rin Obami (Ibara's brother), she is overseeing the progress while eating a big ice cream bowl. She also states how much she likes how Ibara helps his brother. When discussing with Ruri about the Scumcoins, Rumia thinks they're fine since they don't directly violate any rules.


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  • The name Rumia means "precious stone, gem" (瑠) (ru), "beautiful" (美) (mi) and "second, Asia" (亜) (a).
  • Rumia's surname Uru means "roof" (宇) (u) and "stay" (留) (ru).