Ryota Suzui is one of the protagonists from Kakegurui. He is a classmate of Yumeko Jabami and Mary Saotome at Hyakkaou Private Academy. He is a former pet of Mary after losing to her in a gambling match and owing to her a debt, his debt was repaid after Yumeko gave him money as thanks.


Ryota is a pale-skinned teenage boy of average height with neck-lentgh messy brown hair and brown eyes. He wears the Hyakkaou Private Academy issue uniform that consists of a red blazer with black trim that lines the cuffs and collar and has gold buttons for decoration. He wears a white button-up shirt underneath with the top unbuttoned and a black tie. As well as a pair of gray-black colored school jeans with and brown loafers.


Ryota is a kind and friendly person, although not necessarily outspoken, he isn't reserved either. Throughout the series, he's shown to be timid rarely ever showing any form of confidence but after meeting and befriending Yumeko Jabami, his self-confidence slowly grows. Even despite his reluctant personality, he's very level-headed and rarely holds grudges against other people.

He's also seen to be very smart despite the school rarely focusing on studying. He's quick to understand what's occurring when watching someone gamble, and whenever he's involved with a gamble, he can analyze every little detail and think of solutions to give him an advantage.

When he gambled against the current student council president Kirari Momobami alongside Yumeko, he was quick to pick up that Kirari was manipulating the game the entire time. Realizing that this was happening, he gains further confidence himself when he shows that he refuses to be controlled or manipulated by others. Not only did his confidence grow, but his gambling skills grew as well.


Kakegurui - Compulsive Gambler

Ryota is seen losing in a game of Poker against Mary Saotome and lost his social status and became indebted to her, as well as becoming her personal pet in the process and as a punishment is treated as a slave by his schoolmates. When Yumeko Jabami transfers to the academy, he shows her around explains to her what the school is known for, its tradition of gambling after classes. However, this makes Yumeko more interested in the school. After Yumeko wins a game of "Voting Rock-Paper-Scissors" against Mary, Ryota goes after her when she exits the classroom and tells her that he considers dropping out of school due to his diminished social status and his inability to pay off his debt to Saotome. Yumeko then tells him that she knew that Mary was using him to cheat and gives him 5,000,000 yen as thanks in order for his to repay his debt.

The next day, Ryota meets up Yumeko again and promises to pay her back the 5,000,000 yen, but she she relieves him of the promise by telling him that it was a gift because she had fun gambling thanks to him. When they walk in class, they see Mary standing in front of her desk that is completely destroyed by their classmates because she had a debt to pay after losing to Yumeko the day before. Later that day, Ryouta explains the house pet system to Yumeko explaining that if you can't pay back the debt you owe after gambling, you become "one without status" or a house pet. If you're a guy, you become Fido and if you're a girl, you become Mittens. Yumeko becomes excited from the thrill until a member of the student council named Itsuki Sumeragi comes and talks to Yumeko rudely interrupting Ryouta before he could say anything.

She challenges Yumeko to a game of "Double Concentration" in which the rules are fairly simple. 2 decks of cards will be used, making the total card usage of each game 104. Each player must then flip 2 cards of their choice in their turn. If they flip a pair of matching cards with the same suit and number, then they gain 2 points and the flipped cards are remained flipped open. If they flip cards that don't exactly match, then they lose a turn to the opponent. For example: You get a pair of 9 of Hearts and 9 of Spades, then they don't count as a matching pair. But a matching pair would be 2 4 of Clubs or 2 6 of Diamonds. For their match, Itsuki places down 20 irregular colored chips which are worth 1 million yen each, making it a total of 20 million yen. For the betting, Itsuki uses all the 20 million worth chips, making their bet 20 million. Though Yumeko says she does not have the money, Itsuki assures her worries by saying she'll lend her 20 million. Thus, their match began.

Yumeko goes first and flips over a 4 of Hearts and a 4 of Diamonds, so she ends her turn. Ryota gets a headache seeing them go in and out flipping wrong pairs until Yumeko flips 2 4 of Diamonds, so she continues flipping over a 7 of Diamonds and a King of Clubs ending her turn. Itsuki then flips over 2 King of Clubs. They keep going with the score being Yumeko matching 18 pairs and Itsuki matching 22. Knowing that they both have good memories, Ryota concludes that the rest relies on luck with the score being Yumeko matching 36 pairs and Itsuki matching 40. Itsuki then matches 14 pairs then Yumeko misses leading to Itsuki winning the game. Ryota wonders what Yumeko is gonna do since she lost 20 million yen. Yumeko desperately begs for another game, and Itsuki accepts under the condition that if Yumeko loses again, she give up her nails showing off her collection of nails she won through gambling. Ryota warns her not to accept the condition, but Yumeko accepts the risk telling him that there's no other way to pay back the debt unless Ryota could pay it off for her. The next game begins with Yumeko finding multiple pairs at once seeing through Itsuki's cheat tactic. She manages to find 54 pairs on her first try leading to her winning back 20 million yen. Yumeko pressure Itsuki to play another game but feeling disheartened and afraid, Itsuki declines leading to Ryouta stepping in and calming down the situation. Yumeko then walks away feeling bored by the experience.

After school, Ryota tries to stop Yumeko, but didn't want to and asked if he wanted to tag along. They come across the Traditional Culture Research Club where they see Mary in the middle of an official match where her debt was increased to 49 million yen. Ryota explains to Yumeko that an official match is a match where a house pet has the right to challenge anyone to a match. If the amount is reasonable, the challenged cannot refuse. They then meet another member of the student council, Yuriko Nishinotōin. She invites Yumeko to play a game that her club created called "Life or Death." The game goes like this: 10 small sword pieces are put into a pot randomly and then on top of a board with numbers. You have to bet which number the swords will fall on, similar to roulette. The trick is if the sword lies down blade first, it's "Life" and you win the amount you bet x30. If it's hilt first, it's "Death" and you lose the amount you bet x30. Each round, you bet how many chips you want. The judge shakes the pot for 10 seconds while you place your chips on the board. When you run out of chips, the winner of that round wins those chips. Thus the game of Life or Death begins.

Both Yumeko and Yuriko bet 10 chips, and the judge begins shaking the pot. Yumeko points out how the pot is smaller on the end increasing the chances of the sword pieces landing on the inner circle of the board. The pot is shown, and the swords land on 17 Life and 30 Death. No one wins this round though Ryouta notices that Yuriko was one spot away when every chip played is worth 30 million yen. Ryota tries to convince Yumeko to stop the match, but Yumeko tells him not to worry and that the money played doesn't mean much to her. Yuriko then tells Ryota to imagine the thrill of so much money being bet on the pot while Yumeko agrees though she calls her out for basically being a two-bit loan shark. She then insults her name on how the kanji translates to "2","4","10" "in" and comments on how the even numbers 6 and 8 are missing meaning that there's a space in between just like and I quote "the empty space between her ears." She points out how it's hilarious and tries to get Ryota in on the joke.

The game continues with Yumeko and Yuriko going all in betting all 40 of their chips. Yuriko bets 5 chips on 8 spots, and Ryota notices this implying that she's enraged by Yumeko insult her name, Yumeko bets all of her chips on one spot and then apologizes for insulting her family name. Yuriko asks why she did, and Yumeko immediately calls them out on cheating. Yumeko then explains to Ryota that the judge's right hand has 2 piercings showing that Yuriko made her club members do this for the sake of cheating. She then points out that one of the sword pieces is magnetized, so the judge can guide the sword to wherever they want it to land. Unfortunately, it wouldn't mean that Yuriko could win with this tactic, and if it fails, Yuriko would lose 2.17 billion yen. The student council president Kirari Momobami walks in and decides to spectate and the judge opens the pot with the blade landing first on a spot Yuriko bet on leading to Yumeko losing the match putting her in debt for 310 million yen. After the match, Yumeko explains that Kirari manipulated the match in Yuriko's favor. This in return leads to Yumeko deciding that she wants to gamble with Kirari.

The next day, Yumeko becomes a house pet but freaks everybody out when she acts like a cat, but Ryota calms her down so that it doesn't get out of hand. Ryota offers her 1 million yen to help her out with gambling. Yumeko is touched by his kindness but declines his offer because the student council didn't notify her of the debt but instead gave her a student life plan. They're forcing Yumeko to live the future they chose for her. A classmate named Jun Kiwatari shows up and forces Yumeko to come outside and tries to force her to strip. The student council's beautification officer Midari Ikishima steps in and tries to play Russian Roulette with them. The condition is if Midari wins, they walk away, but if Jun Kiwatari wins, he gets to have sex with her. Jun walks away with his entourage and Ryota checks on Yumeko to see if she's okay. Later on, Ryota asks Yumeko to see if she wants to go to the gambling hall but sees that Yumeko was invited to a debt settlement party. Later that day, Ryota gets a message from the student council with a check for 260 million yen. Yumeko and Mary explain to him why he got the check, and Ryota returns the check only to see that Yumeko and Mary are much friendlier than before.

The next day, Ryota bumps into Mary being friendly to her classmate. She talks to him about Yumeko on how she hasn't reduced her debt even though she won a lot of money at the debt settlement party. Ryota remembers that Yumeko told him that she plans to gamble with Kirari. Yumeko interrupts their conversation with Yumeko telling Mary that she doesn't want to hold on to the money that she won. Mary tells her to keep it because she doesn't want to owe her anything. After class, Yumeko begs Ryota to join her so that she can challenge Kirari to an official match, but their time was cut short when student council beautification Midari shows up, cuffs Yumeko, and ties up and bags Ryota. He wakes up to see that their in the academy's basement in a room that looks like an interrogation room. Midari prevents Yumeko from gambling with the president because she'll be gambling with her. She then comments on how she and Yumeko are alike calling each other perverts that get excited off the thrill of gambling. Yumeko acts like a shy girl and tells her not to call her a pervert leading to Ryota looking at her with a face that admits she does act like a pervert when gambling.

Afterwards, Midari explains that the room is an interrogation they'll be using along with another room next door called the observation room. Along with the cameras installed, Yumeko and her will be playing an ESP game where they have to guess what the dealer's hand will be lined up. A player wins a point for each card guessed correctly and the one with the most points wins the round. The catch is that no money is used in this game. The prize is that you get to pull the trigger on a gun you pick out. Each player gets a gun and can load as many bullets into as they want. Ryota believes that they would be using rubber bullets or blanks, but Midari shoots a round between his legs showing that they would be using real bullets. Midari then guarantees that no one will know about what occurs and that if one manages to shoot the other, that person will immediately be taken to the hospital.

Obviously against the idea and seeing that she's gone insane, Ryota tells Yumeko that they shouldn't get involved with Midari's game and tries to leave but is quickly stopped by Midari when she straddles him. She then complains on why he's "getting in the way of their good time." She then explains that the president won't gamble with her and that Yumeko's her only option. Getting turned on by the thrill of wanting to gamble, she admits to going crazy which Ryota retaliates by saying that she is crazy telling her to get off of him so that could leave. Midari doesn't stop and keeps begging him to let them playing, but Ryota stands his ground saying that they won't do it. Realizing that he wouldn't change his mind, Midari then points her gun at Ryota's and tries to kill him. Yumeko steps in and says she never got a say in the matter. Seeing that she's passionate about it, Yumeko agrees to play the game leading to Ryota question if they are alike.

After things settle down, Yumeko agrees to play under three conditions. One: they only play three games. Two: Ryota must be the dealer. And three: the loser must pay 1 billion yen to the winner. Midari agrees to the 1 billion yen since money's no problem for her. She also agrees to let Ryota be the dealer so that no cheating is involved calling him a "candy ass." Unfortunately, she then asks Yumeko on why she'll only play three, but Yumeko refuses to answer the question. Midari finally agrees under the condition that if the winner misses the shot especially on purpose, the loser gets to shoot the winner. After they finally agree, Yumeko then tells Ryota that if he's the dealer she'll be fine. In his mind, Ryota sees it just being stupidly overconfident. Reluctant over the idea of being the dealer fearing Yumeko may die, Ryota looks away in fear over the idea of seeing her corpse. Yumeko gently touches his back and tells him have a little more faith and if he just tool the time to calm down to remember that he and she still have "it" and if they use "it" as a sign they can win for sure. Calming down a bit, Ryota then leaves with Midari's beautification girls next door to the observation room.

Ryota looks around the room to make sure no cheating is involved. He then looks at the camera point down at the ESP cards and starts thinking about what Yumeko meant when she said if they use "it" as a sign. The two girls then start rushing saying that it shouldn't take long thinking about it. Ryota thinks back to when he was a house pet believing that he's not ready for something like being the dealer of a life threatening game and it was because of Yumeko that he got out not only that room but out of being a house pet as well. Coming to terms with himself, he realizes that Yumeko wants him to do the same for her as well, so he starts formulating a plan to help her. As he lays out five cards for the first round, Ryota thinks about how Yumeko wants Midari to believe that they have a sign and if she knows that she's gonna lose she'd be smart enough not to load any bullets in her gun concluding that she can't put any bullets in until she knows what the sign. With all that in mind, Ryota learns that the sign isn't important at and that what's important is that he's sending one, so shows a two in the camera. Yumeko waves back, and she and Midari begin loading their guns with Midari loading her gun with all 6 bullets. They put their cards down, and Ryota begins flipping his cards. Midari wins the first round three to two. Midari takes a gun out of the box and points it at Yumeko, but Yumeko stops her telling her that she's holding her gun that doesn't have any bullets in it.

The next round begins with Ryota learning that even there was no hint in the first round, now there's information he and Yumeko can share thinking about how his cards, Yumeko's cards and Midari's cards were lined up. With those in mind, he decides to try and match up his cards with those knowing that Yumeko knows that he can come up with those three options. Unfortunately, he was only looking at his cards and Yumeko's \, so he only remembers how they were lined up. He then realizes that it's normal not to memorize three sets of five cards and that if Midari wanted to remember any set it would be his hand instead of Yumeko's. On the other hand, he knows that Yumeko remembers every detail of every hand. With all that in mind, he decides to copy Yumeko's hand from round one. After loading their guns and setting down their cards, they flip their cards, and Yumeko wins five to three. Yumeko then throws up a peace sign to Ryota and then pulls out one of the guns and points it at Midari. She pulls the trigger revealing that she was holding her gun.

In round three, Ryota decides to use the same plan he used in round two, but that changes when he looked at the monitor realizing that Midari and her girls were cheating. Midari then threatens him by saying that if he doesn't lay down his cards, she'll kill Yumeko on the spot. Realizing that Midari was threatening Ryota, Yumeko puts two bullets in her gun and points it at Midari that this was her punishment for threatening Ryota. Midari then laughs and decides to do the same and puts two bullets in her gun as well. Ryota then flips his cards, and Midari follows suit after being called out on cheating by Yumeko. Ryota gets scared because Midari got all five cards wrong, but his mind was put at ease when Yumeko reveals that she got all five cards wrong as well ending the game in a draw.

After leaving the basement, Ryota reunites with Yumeko and notices that she's upset about the game. She then asks if he's up for a sweets buffet but they have to flip a coin to see who pays. If the coin lands on heads, Ryota pays and if the coin lands on tails, Yumeko pays. Ryota is reluctant at first due to him being low on funds, and Yumeko looks at him with a depressed yet alluring look in her eyes asking if he's sure. Not being to resist, he agrees to the game, Yumeko flips the coin. Ryota holds his hands hoping that the coin lands on tails, but Yumeko interrupts his thought process by asking him a question. She asks him why he recreated her hand even though he knew they were cheating. Ryota admitted that there wasn't enough time, so he couldn't think of anything. He also admitted that she figured out that he had no idea and pick up on it. To put it simply, Ryota wanted Yumeko to just understand him. He apologizes for what he did. Touched by his honest feelings and finally understanding him, Yumeko lifts up her hand revealing that the coin landing on tails meaning that Yumeko pays for the buffet. Ryota celebrates feeling relieved, and Yumeko just laughs at him. She then thanks him because she had a great time gambling because of him.

A few days later, Ryota walks to school watching a music video until he bumps into Yumeko. She asks what he's watching, and he explains that he's watching a music video by an indie idol named Yumemi Yumemite. He also explains that she's another member of the student council and is in charge of publicity. She has songs with over 3 million views on YourTube and if she goes pro, she's gonna be huge. He then explains that she's done a few concerts at school but unless you were part of her fan club you have little to no chance of getting. Yumeko comments on how informative he is of her, and he admits that as a classmate he's totally into supporting but can't join her fan club because of the expensive fees.

Later at lunch, Ryota and Mary notices that Yumeko is in a rather good. Mary asks Ryota on why she's like, but Ryota is just as in the dark about it guessing that maybe it was because of a letter she got in her shoe locker earlier that day. Their conversation is interrupted when Itsuki shows up and offers a Japanese style chestnut cake. Mary immediately calls her out on sucking up to Yumeko in an attempt to get back into the student council. Itsuki immediately denies it and says that she wants to make amends to Yumeko, but Ryota and Mary aren't fooled by her reasoning, though Yumeko is completely obliviously to what's going on. Unable to keep up her charade, Itsuki then explains why she's acting this way.

It's revealed that she's the daughter of the CEO of one the biggest toy companies in Japan. Mary comments on how her future is secure, but Itsuki states that it's not that simple. She then explains that her father is a stern man who told her to join the student council to develop some connections leading to her fearing that if she can't do that her father might disown her. After that, she then talks about a rumor going around especially around the house pets that Yumeko is trying to become the student council president and that because she's staying a house pet even though she won all that money at the debt party just so that she can challenge the president to an official match and then take her seat as a surprise. Ryota thinks to himself that the real reason why Yumeko is gambling is because she wants to and that at sometime the school just started revolving around her. Itsuki asks if this is true and if so she wants to guide Yumeko to that seat in hopes that she lets her join her swearing to do whatever it takes. Yumeko agrees to let Itsuki join her. She holds Itsuki's hands stating that she doesn't know about becoming the next president. She then brings up how they gambled together and because of that it makes them friends.

The next day, Yumeko tells Ryota that she's going up against Yumemi explaining that Saori Yumemi's manager came and extended the invite. Ryota starts thinking about how Yumeko worked her way through the student council one member at a time and worries that now they're gunning after her. Later that day, they meet up with Yumemi's manager, Saori, in front of Yumemi's dressing room. Yumeko asks if it's okay if Ryota tags along, and Saori says that it's fine making Ryota a bit nervous. Yumeko tries to open the door, but Saori immediately stops her telling her to wait so that she gets permissiong first and after she does a body search. After that, they meet Yumemi as she introduces herself. Ryota gets very nervous realizing that he's getting the chance to meet her in person. Yumeko introduces herself, and Yumemi then asks who Ryota is. Still nervous, Ryota introduces himself, and Yumemi immediately cuts him off because she recognizes him from when he came to one of her concerts on the second of the three school day festival shows. Ryota is amazed that she remembers that day since it happened a long time ago, and Yumemi explains that she remembers the names and faces of each one of her fans just like any good idol should.


The kanji used in Ryota's surname Suzui stands for "small bell" or "buzzer" (鈴) and "well" or "town/community" (井). His first name utilizes the kanji for "refreshing" (涼) and "plump" or "thick" (太).


  • Despite being one of the main protagonists, Ryota rarely gets screen time yet he is always involved in gambling matches.
  • Out of all the characters introduced, Ryota is the most level-headed character in the series.
  • He's the only character we know that is right-handed.


  • "That's not true. I told you I wanted to watch you from the best seat in the house, but I just wanna be with you. So this risk is just as much mine!" - to Yumeko Jabami