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Sumika Warakubami (和楽喰 淑光 Warakubami Sumika) is a member of The Hundred Devouring Families who arrived to the Hyakkaou Private Academy to gamble against Kirari Momobami in order to dethrone her from student council president position and thus choosing a new leader of their clan. Secretly, she is also the most successful Japanese actress in Hollywood who goes by the name of Kawaru Natari (名足 カワル Natari Kawaru) whom Yumemi Yumemite looks up to.


In Disguise

The broadcast poking fun at Sumika's eerie appearance.

Sumika is a pale-skinned girl with long, black unsettled hair that covers the top of her head and purple eyes. She also wears a hospital mask that covers her mouth and casts an abnormally dark shadow in the room as she always stands in a very hunched position. The broadcast even poked fun at the fact, saying that she might put a curse on other people. She wears the standard Hyakkou Private Academy issued female uniform, with a longer skirt.

Real Appearance

Sumika is a refined girl with dark brown or maroon hair that has two long curly locks reaching over her chest, purple eyes that are rather wide and eerie, a beauty mark under her right eye, and red lipstick.


In Disguise

In her disguise, she is a quiet person who practically never says a word and usually stands in a corner of the room. She seems to be a formidable gambler though and her favorite game is poker. She follows others easily and doesn't act much on her own. If she does speak, the others usually take her very seriously. Regardless, she is still using her skill to read people and silently observe them.

Real Appearance

Kawaru revealing her real name and her kinship with Momobamis.

When she appears as her actual self, it is revealed that she is a very confident person who is also a remarkably good singer. Due to her acting skills, it's hard to say when she is being genuine during the match. She can be somewhat devious, but she is so talented that she never has to cheat and is one of the fairer members of the Clan.

She looks down on idols, like Yumemi Yumemite, disliking people who want to rise to the top only because they want fame. Sumika knows that in their family, they must gain power and their path of success is almost predetermined. However, Sumika is actually a pretty nice and proud of Yumemi for finding her own path. When someone does offer her a fair match and shows talent, she does her best to motivate them.

She is quite perceptive to analyze the possible trap from Kirari during the identity game when they were children. Sumika also focuses more on her career instead of following the school election until the end.


According to her official profile, Sumika went to the U.S. by the age of twelve, where she auditioned for multiple shows while attending drama school. A year later, she had her first debut on stage, and when she was fourteen she earned her first onscreen credit, which was a crucial point in her career. Her first and most outstanding role was on the TV show called "Mistral", where she played a woman who has twenty one split personalities. This performance not only made the show a hit, but also earned her praise from critics.

As revealed upon her official debut as a member of the The Hundred Devouring Families, Sumika had spent a great deal of her childhood together with her distant cousins and relatives her age during clan meetings, as seen where she was seen playing games with her younger cousins/relatives while her parents/guardians were busy in the meetings.

Sometime during her adolescence, Sumika was seen meeting up with Kirari Momobami and Ririka Momobami together with Terano Totobami and Yumi Totobami. Where in order to pass the time, Kirari/Ririka decided to play a game with Terano. They offered that if Terano could guess which one of them was Kirari, she would win Kirari's inheritance as leader of the Hundred Devouring Families, whoever if she picked wrong, the Totobami family name would be completely wiped clean from the clan's history and expelled. Seriously considering this, Terano asked Sumika for her opinion on which was which, but she herself was stumped on which one was the actual Kirari due to the twin's flawless imitation and acting skills of each other.

Kakegurui XX

Sumika and Rin challenging Kirari.

Sumika arrived along with the other Momobami members. While they were discussing, she stood in the far back and simply observed. Sumika wasn't doing much, except gambling and winning a few games. Rin Obami then took her to a gamble with Kirari Momobami. She didn't play herself and was again just watching Rin play. He remarked about Kirari's pitiful playstyle and they left. Later when Rin was laughing, thinking about that event, Sumika stated, how Kirari only craves pleasure and hides her other emotions. Rin meant, that it must be true coming from her.

Kawaru challenging Yumemi and Yumeko for a gambling match.

As Kawaru Natari (Sumika's alter ego), she is world famous actress who has starred in many movies like The Gamble Hole. After a while, she finally decides to step in as Kawaru and challenge Yumemi Yumemite to a gamble. Yumemi is happy that she is even noticed by her, but Kawaru makes it clear that she is only competing with her to get her off the stage and ruin her career, since she won't last long anyways. She has no problems with challenging Yumemi and Yumeko Jabami the same time. They settle for an arts competition and she also later gave Runa Yomozuki an autograph.

Kawaru singing "Amazing Grace".

During the first round, the challenge is a simple singing competition. Yumeko and Yumemi perform an upbeat, vibrant song. Then, Kawaru sings Amazing Grace and surprises everyone, including Yumemi's fans, with her incredible voice. She then says how songs convey indescribable emotions, going on to mock Yumemi for her rather empty piece. She then wins the first round by a large margin of audience votes.

Kawaru mentioning to Rei about bribing the students back.

She knew that Yumemi bribed the audience, so she tasked Rei Batsubami to bribe them back into neutrality. She noticed how shocked Yumemi was on stage after her loss and warned her not to underestimate actresses.

Kawaru eating "a hot macaroon".

She chose the second game, in which they both have to eat three macaroons. But one of them is filled with hot sauce. Since the other has to find out which one of the other ones macaroons was spiced, she has to hide the burn. Kawaru has no problem doing so. Yumemi secretly broke her own finger in order to fake a real reflex. Kawaru noticed this and figured the right one out. Yumeko then correctly guessed the spicy one of Kawaru, so this round ended in a tie. Yumemi wanted to completely give up and didn't even want to win anymore.

Kawaru being confident in her victory.

In the third round, Kawaru noticed that Yumemi and Yumeko weren't working together anymore, since Yumeko was angry at Yumemi's lack of will. Kawaru knew that she would win, since she bet on them not working together at all. She figured out that Yumemi always lied about her cards and Yumeko always said the truth. With that she was sure to win. However, Yumemi has a change of heart when she is cheered on by her fans and decides to no longer try to beat her.

Kawaru getting angry at Yumemi for a sudden change of the decision.

Kawaru angrily grabs Yumemi's face at first and tells her to continue, but then she realizes that the path she chose is her own one. Kawaru smiles and when Yumemi passes and asks Yumeko to do the same, she loses. But, she is a good loser and congratulates Yumemi as Kawaru states that she will wait for Yumemi in Hollywood.

Sumika giving Erimi her votes.

After staying a little longer, it seems she left the school and the election, most likely due to some role in a new Hollywood film. Before she leaves she says goodbye to Erimi Mushibami, comforting her and also giving her all of her votes to her, her reason for doing so being that she thought that giving all her votes to Erimi would make the competition more fun and due to her thinking that she was cute.


Kakegurui XX


  • The name Sumika literary means "graceful, gentle, pure (淑) (sumi) and "light" (光) (ka).
  • Sumika's surname Warakubami means "harmony, peace" (和) (wa), "easy/ease, music, comfort" (楽) (raku) and "bite" (喰) (bami).


  • Sumika's stage name Natari (ナタリ) is the Japanese katakana form for Natalie.


  • Out of all the Hundred Devouring Families, Sumika appears to be the closest with Erimi Mushibami that even Ibara Obami stated that Sumika used to spoil Erimi a lot.
  • Sumika is shown to be one of the few characters who prefers equal standing in gambling, going so far as to pay off audience members to vote for the performance they thought was best in her game against Yumemi Yumemite (to counter her cheating).


  • "Why win? Because to stop moving forward means death."