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Terano Totobami (等々喰 定楽乃) is a member of the Hundred Devouring Families, who arrived at Hyakkaou Private Academy in order to dethrone Kirari Momobami from her position of Student Council President, thus choosing a new leader for the clan. She is also the mastermind behind the whole plan to take down Kirari by convening other branches. Her family's specialty is keeping the peace between family members by offering win-win solutions.


Terano has pale complexion, short black hair (dark brown hair in the anime) that has a clean cut at the bottom with sectioned bangs and dark brown eyes.

She wears the standard female Hyakkaou Private Academy issued uniform. Since she is handicapped for an unknown reason and can't walk by her own, Terano is always seen in a wheelchair where she is being pushed by Yumi and her legs are covered by a blue blanket.


Terano's flaming hatred for Kirari

Terano is the de facto leader of the family representatives who attempt to overthrow Kirari Momobami. She is often shown as a calm person, rarely perturbed during a crisis. Despite her calm demeanor, she is also very conniving and intelligent. Just like other members of her family, she is an exceptional gambler and comes very close to the skills of the student council president. As a member of Totobami family, her specialty is keeping the peace between family members by offering win-win solutions.

Terano is the most determined member of her clan and most eager to take down Kirari Momobami. Terano absolutely despises her and will do anything to take her down. She loathes Kirari, because of her indifferent and egoistic attitude, which emphasizes she is concerned about the clan.

Despite these traits, she refuses to use people as pawns. She hates to look down on people whose will deserve respect. Kirari even calls her out on this claiming that is is not a "free" person, as she refuses to exploit the weak and use her power to put her own priorities on top. Terano claims not to care about freedom, if "it's by [her]self." Due to this, she is conflicted between her desire to be free and the part of he that can't abide by that.



Prior from enrolling into the Academy, Terano had attended a gathering play date with the other young heirs and her fellow clan mates of the Momobami Clan, where she observed and watched Kirari Momobami and Rin Obami play a game of Old Maid, where she then analyzed that Rin was an excellent gambler and schemer and noted that his skills where already above that of adults and wondered where he would end up once he grew up, all the while oblivious to the fact that Kirari had already "won" against Rin by purposefully losing.

In another clan meeting between her family, Terano, Sumika and Yumi were sent off away from their parents/guardians while they talked and were kept company by Kirari and Ririka. Kirari bored and wanting to entertain herself, invited Terano to play a game of guessing which of the two of them was Kirari and that if she won she would be the next head of their clan and take the inheritance her grandmother gave to her. However if she picked wrong, she and the entire Totobami family would be purged from the clan and have their name stripped from it and be exiled.

Terano, understanding that despite her inhuman and manipulative personality, Kirari always keep her promises, began thinking of the gain and losses of her accepting Kirari's offer. Due to Ririka perfectly mimicking Kirari's personality, Terano asked Sumika on what her take on them was. However she soon learned that not even Sumika could tell the difference between the two as Ririka truly believed that she was Kirari to the absolute depths of her mind, causing even Sumika to be stumped at which of them was which.

Concluding that the risks was too high and despite being annoyed by the twin's taunting, Terano choose not to accept their offer and stated to Kirari that she refused to go along with her "games".

Kakegurui XX

Terano arriving at the Academy.

Terano discussing with Kirari

Terano arrives at the school with the rest of the family planning to take down Kirari Momobami. Winning the election not only gets one the seat of president, but also the spot of head of their family. She leads the others and is the one organizing everything. She announces to Kirari, that she will do anything to achieve that. She mentioned, that she doesn't care, whether she or another relative wins, as long as it's not the current president. Terano also has an ace up her sleeve, something to do with Rei Batsubami, and that she has prepared everything to get Kirari out of the family.

Terano thinking about her plans

After Yumemi Yumemite's game against Kawaru Natari, she calls Rei to come to her, since Yumeko Jabami reached out to her to gamble. Terano chose the Greater Good Game, because her goal is to create a larger pool of people with a lot of votes. All the winners of the game will get Terano's votes, while the losers will have to give her theirs. Terano also chose the game because it basically describes the whole election, just on a smaller scale. Before the game she made a bet with Itsuki Sumeragi about the games outcome. Terano won the bet and gained back 150 votes. She also receives the 17 votes of Miroslava Honebami.

Terano putting her plan into action

She is satisfied with the games outcome, since more people have more votes now. Miroslava also told her, that only Terano should become president. During the live broadcast, where she still holds second place, she announces that she will definitely be the one with the most votes. During Sayaka Igarashi's outburst, Terano is mostly unfazed. Shortly after that, she finally makes her move and puts her plan into action.

Shocked, when hearing Rei could become President

She had always planned to make Rei win a lot of votes through the auction, since she was actually quite a good gambler. Rei was her joker. But Terano could never think, that Rei would become president herself and rise to the top of the whole clan. Kirari suggested this idea, which shocked Terano, but only made her more certain that she must get a crazy person like Kirari out of the family. Later, she sees Rei walking down the hallway and smiles. Terano realized that it is better for her, now that she is a part of the clan and her own person again. She wonders if maybe Yumeko was her true joker.

Terano expressing her feelings towards Kirari

Terano continues in the election and manages to trump Kirari as the number one ranking student. She has also offered to buy votes for 5 million yen each to all of the students, which was very attractive especially to housepets. When hearing about the tournament, she is sure that it's meant to stop her vote buying. When Yumi asks her about how she loves Kirari, Terano remarks, that she loves Kirari so much, she could strangle her. She then tells the others to do their best, but still wants to be the one to take down Kirari herself.

Terano also makes bets on how the tournament will end up and observes it, while calculating the odds of winning for each player. Rin enters her monitoring room and she converses with him about Ibara's loss. She finds it laudable of him, how happy he is for his brother,

Terano challenges Yumeko to a gamble

Terano lost against Yumeko

In the end of chapter 76, she challenges Yumeko to gamble with her. Yumeko asked the Election committee to set the game. Terano along with Yumi, competed against Yumeko and Ryota. In the end, Terano and Yumi lost while Yumeko took the win by having the highest number among Ryota and Terano. Yumi said Terano worked hard than anyone else. Terano ends up losing all her votes while Yumeko won 1,019 votes.


Kakegurui XX


  • The name Terano means "fixed" (定) (te), "easy" (楽) (ra) and "from" (乃) (no).
  • Terano's surname Totobami means "class, order, rank(等) (to), bite (喰) (bami)”.


  • In her mind, she is shown to represent herself as a mermaid.
  • Terano appears briefly near the end of second Kakegurui film: Kakegurui Part 2: Desperate Russian Roulette (2021). She is seen facing Yumeko alongside figures that resemble Miyo Inbami, Miroslava Honebami, Yumi Totobami, and Ibara Obami, however their faces are not shown.