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The President's seat

The Election is an important event in Kakegurui - Compulsive Gambler. After vacating her seat as president, Kirari Momobami started The Election as a “winner take all struggle” and gamble with the seat as the prize.


After significant disruption from Yumeko Jabami on the existing housepet system, Kirari uses the election to further upset the established order and bring new players into gamble. While some of the existing Student Council members are against the change, several such as Yumemi Yumemite and Midari Ikishima get excited at the prospect. Describing Hyakkaou Private Academy as her aquarium, Kirari notes that unless something is done about Yumeko’s actions, “the disturbance will grow until it may become too much for even us to manage”.

Also at stake with the presidency is the head of The Momobomi Clan. While she was president, Kirari successfully managed to centralize debts and loans of former and current students to amass significant influence over both the business and political establishments making the position coveted. Upon hearing about it, the adults of each branch family sent their children to attend the academy and compete.

As the Momobamis also take part in gambling, they are all skilled gamblers. They are also each very intent on banishing Kirari from the family, especially Terano Totobami, who leads the operation.


General Rules

A vote chip

The Election lasts 30 days. During that time, held gambles will not use normal money chips, but rather vote chips. Each student received one vote chip at the beginning. The only way to gain votes for yourself is by gambling. Every student is a potential candidate. Whoever has the most votes at the end of that time-span is the winner and the new president. If one hasn't got any more votes to bet, they can use serve coins. If they are lost, one of them is worth 24 hours of the betters life, during which they must obey the Council. There are even special chips, worth one million and the rest of ones life as well.

A serve chip

Election Committee

The main office of the Election Committee

The whole Election is overseen and managed by the Election Committee. Runa Yomozuki is the head is and all under her are Election Observers, where they can all be identified by an animal-hoodie and the known members are Inaho Yamato, Rumia Uru, and Kurara Kurokura. If a gamble with votes happens, an election observer must be present, otherwise it isn't valid. They are very strict about cheating and remain neutral. The Committee handles all gambles and vote distribution. Every now and then, live broadcasts are also held by the Committee to inform the students about which ten gamblers currently lead with the most votes.


This table shows, how many votes the players have gained and lost during the Election. All of them started out with one single vote.

Gambler Votes Games played

Yumeko Jabami


  • Gains two votes from Midari Ikishima and Erimi Mushibami
  • Gains 10 votes from Miri Yobami
  • Gains 20 votes from Kawaru Natari
  • Wins 16 votes from Terano Totobami
  • Gains 16 votes from unknown gambles
  • Currently has 65 votes
  • Loses almost all of her votes in the auction
  • Winsover 300 more votes
  • Gambles them away to various students
  • Currently has 62 votes
  • Finger Cutting Guillotine
  • Nym Type Zero
  • Soixante-trois
  • Greater Good Game
  • Hundred Votes Auction
Ryota Suzui


  • Gains 10 votes from Miri Yobami
  • Gained 2 votes from unseen gambles
  • Currently has 13 votes
  • Loses 10 votes in the auction
  • Wins votes in the auction
  • Nym Type Zero
  • Hundred Votes Auction
Mary Saotome


  • Gains 100 votes from Ririka Momobami
  • Steps in for Yumeko Jabami and thus doesn't get any votes
  • Doesn't gain any votes until the second broadcast and currently has 101 votes.
  • Spends, but also wins 100 votes in the auction
  • Wins 100 votes from the auction
  • Currently has 124 votes
  • 100 Votes Gamble
  • Nym Type Zero
  • Hundred Votes Auction
Itsuki Sumeragi


  • Gained 50 votes through unseen gambles
  • Won 100 votes from Terano Totobami, but had to repay 150 votes to her immediately after
  • Retired from the Election
  • Double Concentration
  • Greater Good Game
Kirari Momobami


  • Won 14 votes from Horo Jomaru
  • Gained 211 other votes from unseen gambles
  • Gained more votes and got 255 votes
  • Went on to gamble and currently has 578 votes
  • Poker
Horo Jomaru


  • Poker
Midari Ikishima


  • Disqualified from the game due to breaking the rules
  • Loses her vote to Yumeko Jabami
  • Received votes from the Beautification Club
  • Loses some in the auction
  • Finger Cutting Guillotine
  • Hundred Votes Auction
Erimi Mushibami


  • Finger Cutting Guillotine
Terano Totobami


  • Unknown
Ririka Momobami


  • Gained 99 votes through unseen gambles
  • Loses all her 100 votes to Mary Saotome and becomes her partner in the Election
  • Wins votes in the auction
  • Plays against Rin Obami and wins votes
  • Currently possesses 166 votes
  • 100 Votes Gamble
  • Hundred Votes Auction
  • Gin Rummy
  • War!
Miri Yobami


  • Gets 10 votes from Miyo Inbami in the first round
  • Loses all of them and accumulates a large debt
  • Officially out of the Election
  • Life or Death
  • Nym Type Zero
Miroslava Honebami


  • Greater Good Game
Ibara Obami


  • Gained 10 votes through unseen gambles
  • Wins 16 from Terano Totobami and currently possesses 26 votes
  • Won some votes from Rin Obami and currently has about 50 votes
  • Greater Good Game
  • War!
Miyo Inbami


  • Life or Death
  • Nym Type Zero
Nozomi Komabami


  • Gained 15 votes through unseen gambles
  • Sells her votes for Scumcoins
  • Gin Rummy
Yumemi Yumemite


  • Her fans willingly gave their votes to her, which where at least 100
  • Gained votes through unseen gambles and got to 109 votes
  • Won 20 votes from Kawaru Natari and has 129 votes
  • Currently has 144 votes
  • Active Station
Sumika Warakubami


  • Active Station
Rin Obami


  • War!

Yuriko Nishinotouin


  • Lost her votes against Miri Yobami and Miyo Inbami
  • Took at lot of votes from the Traditional Culture Club members
  • Won 200 votes from the auction
  • Life or Death
  • Hundred Votes Auction
Rei Batsubami (Animation only)


  • Gained at least 800 votes from the girls, who she helped and admired Rei
  • Gained 30 votes in the first round of the auction
  • Gained 140 votes in the second round
  • Lost 70 votes in the third round
  • Ended up losing all her votes
  • Hundred Votes Auction

There are a few special cases, not mentioned above:

Held Gambles

All known gambles, that have taken place as part of the Election.


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