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The Hollywood Star is the sixth episode of Season Two in the Kakegurui animated series and the eighteenth episode overall. It is produced by MAPPA and aired in Japan on the 12th of February, 2019.



Yumemi is horrified that Natari won the performance contest and realizes that Natari must have paid a higher bribe to the audience. The next round is proposed by Natari and is called "Grin and Bear It: Death Macaron" where the test is to display no reaction when eating a hot, spicy macaron within a group of three. Natari guesses correctly, but Yumeko also guesses which of Natari's was the spicy one and the round ends in a tie. The final round is proposed by the Election Management Committee and is called "Soixante-Trois". The players can truthfully or falsely declare the playing cards they select as they try to guess when the real total adds up to 63 and the winner earns double points. Yumemi and Yumeko appear to not cooperate, and Yumemi is the first to pass, admitting that Natari's talents are far greater than hers. Surprisingly, Yumeko also passes, leaving Natari as the only player, but the total is over 63 and she loses, leaving Yumemi and Yumeko as the final winners.

Character Appearances

Differences between anime and manga

  • When Yumemi realizes that Sumika bribed the audience, it is further explained in the anime that she did not bribe for their vote, but instead, bribed them to vote fairly. This detail was not in the manga. Although it barely changes much, the addition not only illustrates how confident Sumika was in her abilities to believe that she would win with fair judgment, but also gave us insight to Sumika’s morals (Chapter 53).
  • In the manga, after Sumika reveals that Yumemi broke her finger to trick her, the crowd was disgusted that Yumemi would go so far for "a little game," to which Sumika defended Yumemi by saying her “do whatever it takes to win" attitude was truly impressive. This is absent in the anime (Chapter 53).
  • After Yumeko tells Sumika there was no basis for her choosing plate B in the second round, in the manga, Sumika reveals that she came to Hyakkaou Academy to observe people with heavy burdens that they cannot escape from. These people include Kirari, Ririka, Terano, and Rin, whom Sumika described as "alluring." This is omitted from the anime (Chapter 53).
  • In the third round of Active Station, the card that Yumemi, Yumeko, and Sumika claim to set are different from the anime and manga. For example, in the manga, the first card that Yumemi claimed to have set was an Ace of Spades. In the anime, she claimed to have set an Ace of Hearts (Chapter 54).
  • When Yumemi sits on the floor crying, after winning the Active Station gamble, in the manga, Yumeko kneels down to give her a handkerchief. This is worth mentioning as Yumeko has done this before in the manga with Sayaka, right before she was challenged to the Tower of Doors gamble (Chapter 55).