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The Hundred Devouring Families, also known as the Momobami Clan (百喰一族, Momobami-ichizoku), are a conglomerate of various branch families that are distantly related to each other. Most of them are very wealthy as well as hold fair amount of influence over politics of the entire nation. Their surnames commonly ends with the suffix "-bami", which means "devouring" in Japanese.


One of the estates that belongs to the Momobami clan.

All families specialize in different types of businesses, such as entertainment or medicine. Their current leader is Kirari Momobami with other families being her distant relatives. However, despite being related, they are hostile towards each other as they have no qualms in harming or even killing their competitive relatives. Almost every branch of the clan is bent on removing Kirari from the leading position. Yumeko Jabami's family also belong to this conglomerate, but it is unknown what type of business they handle.

Since the family is very politically influential, whoever becomes a leader instantaneously possesses immense power over the nation. With these high stakes involved, branch families hardly get along and are in constant state of hostility in order to secure more power for themselves. Many members of the family are being "devoured" by others during gambling matches, meaning they lose everything, even including their own humanity. Most of the issues are solved through gambling matches, thus, most of the family members knew how to gamble since their early childhood.


Main family

Momobami family (桃喰) (Members: Kirari Momobami, Ririka Momobami): Unknown, but Kirari possesses control over Hyakkaou Academy and other branches.

Other branches

  • Jabami family (蛇喰) (Member: Yumeko Jabami): Unknown.
  • Totobami family (等々喰) (Members: Terano Totobami, Yumi Totobami): Peace keeping and balancing between the various branches of the clan.
  • Inbami family (陰喰) (Member: Miyo Inbami): Medicine business (poisons).
  • Yobami family (陽喰) (Member: Miri Yobami): Medicine business (medication).
  • Honebami family (骨喰) (Member: Miroslava Honebami): "Cleaning-up", meaning getting rid of the all the impurities in the family.
  • Mushibami family (蟲喰) (Member: Erimi Mushibami): Torturing business.
  • Warakubami family (和楽喰) (Member: Sumika Warakubami): Entertainment business.
  • Obami family (尾喰) (Members: Rin Obami, Ibara Obami): Unknown, but they're known for being good in swindling, which means using deception in order to deprive someone of their money or possessions.
  • Komabami family (狗喰) (Member: Nozomi Komabami): Unknown.

Former members

  • Rei's family (Member: Rei Batsubami): Unknown. Previous family banished from the clan due to a clan's conflict. However, after her gamble with Yumeko, Rei alone became part of the clan once again under a new name.
  • Yumeko's sister: After betting everything she had and losing in a clan conflict, she was banished.

Batsubami family

The Batsubami tattoo.

A lot of members of the family are defeated in clan's conflicts. When members are out of the money, the last thing they can bet is their humanity. While losing it, they become a livestock to the rest of the clan. They are not treated like humans anymore and have to serve to the main family and other branches. This treatment was very likely inspiring to Kirari Momobami in establishing the housepet system within the school. When someone gets banished from the clan, they become a member of the “Batsubami family (×喰)” and lose their former names. All members of the Batsubami family get their hands marked with a tattoo to signify their low rank.

It is usually nearly impossible for a Batsubami to get back into the clan, since they have no human rights and can't even participate in gambling matches between any of the other members anymore. However, the leader of the clan has the choice to let the banished member to be a part of the clan again. Rei Batsubami is an example of this, as her family was banished many generations ago, but managed to get back her humanity, along with a new name when Kirari was amused and impressed enough by her actions.


Kakegurui - Compulsive Gambler

Ririka during a family meeting.

Kirari Momobami had to leave the school in order to hold a meeting with the rest of the families, but she sent Ririka Momobami to pretend to be her. The families were very upset and discussed wildly about them losing money, which made Ririka tell them to shut up and exclaimed how worthless and greedy all of them are and that she is ashamed to be part of their family. She then invited them to the academy to challenge her and try to take her throne. Kirari had already planned to hold the election at that point, since she said the reason she must leave, was Yumeko Jabami practically taking over the school.

Kakegurui XX

Kirari welcoming her relatives.

During the presidential election, after Kirari Momobami put her seat on the line, the children of the main families arrived at the academy. Because when she announced the winner would be the next head of the family, all the adults freaked out, finally seeing a chance to get rid of Kirari and sent their kids there. They plan to work together, to not only become president of the school, but also to banish Kirari from the family. Terano Totobami is leading the whole operation and is also most determined to beat her. She also brought Rei Batsubami there as a joker of sorts.

Momobamis planning their next move.

Each of the members went on to gamble mostly on their own and gain votes. Most of them took on Yumeko Jabami at one point, since she seems to be a threat to them. Yumeko acts so similar to Kirari so that she wouldn't be a good fit for a new leader either, if she would happen to win the election. However, while some like Miroslava Honebami and Sumika Warakubami see the bigger picture and are ready to work together, others like Rin Obami or Erimi Mushibami are more selfish as they want only themselves at the top. So, there is like usual some fighting inside of the clan as well.

Momobamis turning their backs on Rei.

One of the main events was when Terano supposedly unveiled her masterplan which would guarantee them victory over Kirari. Rei was supposed to hold an auction and get the votes from the Student council members. But it turned out, that Rei was actually turning her back on the entire clan and tried to avenge someone, who had previously been devoured. Rei's plan to defeat the clan and become head of the family herself almost worked, but Yumeko managed to outsmart her. The clan then worked against Rei in order to beat her. However, after a risky gamble with Yumeko, Rei actually got back into the clan under a new name, since she impressed Kirari. The rest of the clan is now still working on the same goal (which is take down Kirari) and Terano has to come up with a new plan.


  • Rei Batsubami doesn't exist in the manga; she appears only in the anime.
  • Erimi Mushibami is the only one that doesn't wear a school uniform; she wears a Gothic Lolita outfit instead. This may be due to the fact that Erimi is still a child.
  • In Kakegurui (Kakkokari), the Momobami clan is introduced by Runa Yomozuki, who refers to them as the "Bamis" (喰ーズ). This causes a misunderstanding with other characters who think they are a new idol unit.
  • The kanji "百喰" are meant to be read "Momobami," just like Kirari's family name ("桃喰"). However, the two have different meanings; "百喰" means "Hundred Devourers," and usually refers to all of the "-bami" clans, while Kirari/Ririka's family name, "桃喰," means "Peach Devourer." As the readings of kanji are uniquely Japanese, this play on words is lost in translation.