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Tsuzura Hanatemari is a deuteragonist in the spin-off series Kakegurui Twin. Tsuzura comes from a very wealthy family and knew Mary Saotome ever since elementary school.


Tsuzura has long dark blue wavy hair with bangs and light blue eyes (purple eyes in some illustrations). She wears the standard female Hyakkaou Private Academy issued uniform: a red blazer with black trim lining the cuffs and collar, a white button-up dress shirt with a black string tie, a dark pleated skirt with dark-colored stockings, and the academy’s issued footwear which is brown loafers with black soles.

Tsuzura also wears a pink flower hair band.


Tsuzura sad, after Mary suspects her

Tsuzura is a very friendly and polite girl. In spite of that, Mary Saotome never liked Tsuzura, as Mary was envious of Tsuzura's wealthy background. Although she's usually cheerful and optimistic, it is very clear that her housepet rank changed her personality, as she became shy and somewhat timid. Even though Tsuzura is very rich and could free herself, Tsuzura has low confidence and is certain that she would soon become a housepet again.

Tsuzura expressing her emotions towards Mary

Tsuzura is also a very generous person, straight away lending her money to Mary. It was said that her gambling skills are pretty low. Spending a lot of time with Mary made her a more confident person and a better gambler. She feels strong admiration towards Mary and looks up to her. Tsuzura even considers Mary “her prince”, which seems to imply her feelings are romantic in nature.

Tsuzura is shown to be very naive and innocent. During the Coupling Party, she didn't understand the sexual implications of the phrase "spending a night together" and assumed it just meant having a sleepover. When Yukimi Togakushi explained the actual meaning to her, Tsuzura blushed furiously and felt embarrassed.


Tsuzura comes from a very rich family, which unlike most of them, decided to send their child to attend public schools. There, due to her status being more obvious, Tsuzura was very popular among her classmates, something that Mary Saotome, couldn't understand. When Mary was still in the elementary school, she was invited to Tsuzura's birthday party. After witnessing how "weak" her mostly parsimonious parents were, by trying to convince Mary to buy Tsuzura an expensive gift just because she was rich, Mary starting to despise Tsuzura even more.

Kakegurui Twin

Tsuzura giving Mary money.

Tsuzura happily greets Mary at the school entrance. After explaining the prevailing rules and traditions within the academy, she warns Mary to be careful, as transfer students are often targeted by the other students, as they're not used to gambling. Their conversation is interrupted by Kokoro Aiura, who introduces herself to Mary and proposes her a match. When Mary asks why she can't talk with Tsuzura, Kokoro explains that this is against the rules, pointing out that Tsuzura is a housepet and has no human rights whatsoever. Kokoro then proceeds to pour out water on Tsuzura's head and forces her to leave class during her match with Mary. Later, when Mary lost to Kokoro, Tsuzura gave her money in order for a rematch, so that Mary wouldn't become a housepet too.

Tsuzura with Yukimi Togakushi

After winning a rematch, Tsuzura and Mary become good friends. Tsuzura sees Mary as “her prince”. Mary also feels sorry for her. So they looked for a gambling den to take over and get more money. They chose the most unpopular one, which currently belonged to Yukimi Togakushi. But before they could talk about it, Sachiko Juraku entered and declared that the den would be closed entirely. But Mary requested a gamble, to Tsuzura's surprise. Mary ended up winning and together with Yukimi they host gambling sessions, where they dress up as maids. Tsuzura was worried when Aoi Mibuomi came and wanted to play a game. But Aoi simply wanted to get in touch with Mary.

Tsuzura hugging Mary Saotome

During the Coupling party event, Mary suspects Tsuzura might have betrayed her and initially cuts her out of her group. Tsuzura is devastated, but she still trusts Mary and keeps gambling even if she's not aware of her group's strategy, knowing that Mary will definitely find a way to win. After the game, Mary apologizes to Tsuzura and Yukimi for not trusting them the entire time. Tsuzura immediately hugs Mary and starts crying, telling her she feels sorry for always causing problems for her. She's relieved Mary has not abandoned her.

Tsuzura, exhausted after getting the chest

Tsuzura is already waiting with Aoi, when Mary arrives. Aoi then introduces Mary to Zenshoukai. When Mary intially refuses, Aoi reminds her that it could help housepets like Tsuzura. Tsuzura feels like Aoi shouldn't be trusted. Later during the treasure hunt with Sakura Miharutaki, Tsuzura helps them and even figures out one of the riddles. Tsuzura then aids Mary by hiding the real chest and preparing the fake one for Sakura. Tsuzura then quickly rushed to get the fake chest and returned just in time. Mary was really thankful. Tsuzura was shocked to see, how cold Aoi was towards Sakura.

Tsuzura happy for Mary

Tsuzura is later in the library with Mary, when they are approached by Ouri Shimotsukiuri. Later when the class game is set up, Tsuzura hears, that Kokoro plans to make Mary the victim of bullying. But since Tsuzura is a housepet and she has to follow the orders, Tsuzura can't tell Mary anything. Throughout the game Tsuzura feels sorry for Mary and eventually tells Mary to be careful and cheers her on. When Mary sees through Kokoro's plan and turns it against her, Tsuzura is very happy for Mary. They then meet Sachiko in the hallway, who wants to gamble with Mary. When Mary is threatened with becoming a housepet Tsuzura feels sorry for Mary and wants to offer her money. Mary rejects it, since she wants to get out of trouble on her own. This worries Tsuzura, but also makes her admire Mary.

Tsuzura acting like Mary

Kurumi Kurume wanted to join their den and Tsuzura quickly took a liking to her. During a school festival, Tsuzura is approached by Eneru Rokujou. Eneru challenges Tsuzura to a game, because Eneru took interest in her and liked Tsuzura’s figure. The game they played was one where they have to photograph the others without being snapped themselves. Tsuzura was too embarassed at first, but then gathered up the confidence, thinking Mary would have surely done the same. Tsuzura eventually wins against Eneru. Later she is seen at the meeting of Zenshoukai along with Yukimi and the others.

Kakegurui - Compulsive Gambler

Mary holding Tsuzura's hairpin.

Tsuzura appears to not be at the academy anymore. Before she left, Tsuzura gave Mary her flower hairpin so she would remember her. After Mary's meeting with Kirari, Mary was reflecting about how much she despises the housepet system. Mary is seen clutching the hairpin, thinking of Tsuzura and missing her. Whatever happened to Tsuzura must have had something to do with Kirari and thus Mary is getting angered.


  • Hanatemari (花手毬) means, “flower (花) (hana), hand, arm (手) (te), ball (毬) (mari)”.
  • Hanatemari also means Flower Bud in Japanese, likely referencing Tsuzura’s hairpin.
  • Since Kakegurui Twin has not currently ended, it is unknown why Tsuzura and all other characters are absent from the main story. But the Anime hints at something having happened to Tsuzura. Since MAPPA works together with Gangan JOKER it can be assumed that this detail is still canon.