Volume 7 is the seventh volume of Kakegurui. It was released in Japan on June 22, 2017. This volume contains five chapters.

Chapters outline

  • Chapter 34: Shine, Girls
  • Chapter 35: Clan Girl
  • Chapter 36: Confronting Girls
  • Chapter 37: Attempted Girl
  • Chapter 38: Enraged Girls


Shine, Girls

Clan Girl

Confronting Girls

Attempted Girl

Enraged Girls


Hang in There Midari-chan 2

This is an omake that happens after Chapter 38. Erimi Mushibami approaches Midari, who is depressed over Yumeko's disgusted reaction at the end of the game. Erimi, knowing Midari is into torture, tries to convince her to buy tools produced by her family in a poor attempt at overcoming of fear of her. Midari declines her offer, though. In the next page, she manages to scare Erimi even more by explaining her feelings regarding torture, saying that what truly matters is not what is being done to you, but who is doing it. Because of this, she's not interested in anything but Yumeko, as she's the only person who is able to truly outmatch her. Erimi is so afraid she tries to get protected by Ryota. Next, Midari decides she should get along with him to get closer to Yumeko. However, before she can even talk to him properly she's interrupted by an angry and concerned Mary. The two start arguing, but Yumeko quickly makes them stop, glaring at Midari who starts crying again. Feeling sorry, Erimi lets Midari borrow her stuffed toy to comfort her.

Chapters covers

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Kakegurui Chapter 34 cover
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