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Vote Rock-Paper-Scissors (投票ジャンケン) is a modified game of Jankenpo created by the Hana Class second years. Mary Saotome played the game in a gambling match against Yumeko Jabami.  


Thirty people individually draw one of the symbols of Jankenpo (Rock, paper or scissors) on a card. All thirty cards are put in a box where the players cannot see them. After betting, the players draw three cards each. Each player chooses one of their cards to face-off against their opponent. If both players choose the same symbol, that round is a draw and the players choose from their remaining two cards for another round. After three draws the game ends in a tie.


Mary challenged Yumeko on Yumeko's first day at Hyakkaou Private Academy. Each player was given 120 10,000 yen chips, putting 2.4 million yen on the table. Since Yumeko was new, Mary let Yumeko decide how much they were going to bet each game.

After the fifth game, Yumeko, having lost all of her chips, introduces 10 million yen to the game.

Yumeko ends the game with 8.6 million yen short of 20 million yen; resulting in Mary being indebted to Yumeko 8.6 million yen.

Game no. Bet Yumeko's Card Mary's Card Yumeko's stack Mary's stack Difference
#1 2 chips Rock Scissors 122 chips 118 chips 4 chips
#2 50 chips Rock Rock 72 chips 168 chips 96 chips
Scissors Rock
#3 2 chips Paper Rock 74 chips 166 chips 92 chips
#4 50 chips Paper Paper 24 chips 216 chips 192 chips
Rock Paper
#5 2 chips Paper Scissors 0 chips* 240 chips 240 chips
Final 10,000,000 yen Scissors Paper 12,400,000 yen -8,600,000 yen 20,000,000 yen

*Additional rounds which deplete Yumeko’s chips are not shown.

Mary cheats throughout the game. She is having Ryota Suzui, who is standing behind Yumeko, signal the symbols she would like drawn, to the other members of the classroom. 21 of the 30 people putting drawings in the box are in line with Mary's demands.

Yumeko figures this out by interchangeably making small and big bets. Mary is willing to lose two chips to disguise her cheating, but not fifty. Yumeko is sure Mary wasn't signaling the classroom, so she uses a hand mirror to find out what the symbol is each game and that it's coming from Ryota.


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