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War (戦争) is a game in Kakegurui - Compulsive Gambler. It is played by Rin Obami, Ibara Obami, Ririka Momobami, Anzu, Aruka, and Midori. The game is overseen by Kurara Kurokura.


The three options

All six players have a nation labeled from A to F. They all have a pad, where they can chose between Defend or Attack, and also send a Request.

  • Defend: After choosing this, their nation will be immune to all attacks. Any attacks that will be dealt to it, fail and the attacker loses 10 points, while the defender gains ten. But defending costs -5 points and the other five players get one point. So one can't just win by only defending.
  • Attack: The player can then chose as many nations to attack as they like. If they hit an unproteted nation they gain 10 points from said nation. But they also lose 10 points to the nation if its defending.
  • Request: Using the pad, players can send as many requests as they want to the other players. The players wont be aware of requests others around them sent. Requests could be Defend, Attack A and C, Attack B/D and C, etc. By sending requests players can cooperate and increase their chances of winning. One can send a reply to accept the request. But there is no penalty for lying and its also possible to just pretend to agree with it and then do something completely different.

Once all moves have been chosen, the table reveals the actions and points will be subtracted/added. When Rin and Ririka played, they declared that each point is worth either one vote, one Scumcoin or 10'000'000 Yen.


During the game Ririka exposed Rins lies. Thus everyone conspired against him and he lost. But since he foresaw that possibility, he reveals that the present observer is a fake and nothing counts. Ibara gets mad at Rin for lying to him. Ririka reveals however, that she had Runa on a phonecall the entire time and thus someone was observing and the match is valid. Rin is out of the election and Anzu, Aruka, Midori and Nozomi taunt him and insult him. Ibara rushes to defend Rin, however, and the two learned to have a more trusting relationship.

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