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Yuriko Nishinotouin (西洞院 百合子) is a supporting character of Kakegurui. She is a third-year student in Hyakkaou Private Academy, a member of the Student Council and the Head of the Traditional Culture Club.


Yuriko has long brown hair that has streaks resting over her chest with bangs parted on both sides and her eye color stays unknown due to the fact that her eyes are consistently depicted as if they are closed. However, in the Picture Drama Shorts, it is shown that her eye color appears to be brown. Ayame Nureba describes her as "elegant" and "very beautiful".

As the head of the Traditional Culture Research Club, she wears traditional Japanese clothes; a white and red kimono with a flower pattern on it and a big red bow on the back of her hair.


Yuriko's less friendly side

Yuriko is a calm, graceful, and well-mannered person. Yuriko uses her persona to lure people to her game Life and Death, making it seems harmless, but actually she manipulates the game to win.

She dislikes when someone is behaving rudely. During a match, Yumeko Jabami insults Yuriko whom she accuses of enjoying lifting an opponent's low spirits, only to crush them once more. Yuriko still acts elegant when hearing that insult, but she is actually harboring anger against Yumeko. She also berates Midari Ikishima for not addressing her with appropriate honorific.

Another side of Yuriko is she can be easily distressed by unpredictable situations. She attempts to defend her positions by negotiating with her opponents as shown when she faces disadvantages during her matches against Yumeko and Midari.

Yuriko is deeply devoted toward Traditional Culture Research Club, and she is protecting her club by using her influence as a Student Council member. She worries that her club will be in danger if she loses her seat, as a result Yuriko works hard during the election to maintain her power. The members of her club also show her great respect. Unsurprisingly, Yuriko cares greatly about Japanese traditional culture and gets shocked at the thought of a traditional bowl being broken.


Kakegurui - Compulsive Gambler

Yuriko inviting Yumeko to play with her

After Itsuki Sumeragi's defeat by Yumeko Jabami, Yuriko remarked that she only was part of the council due to her massive donations and not because she was a particularly skilled gambler. Yuriko was then shortly after seen winning a game of Life or Death against Mary Saotome. Mary has lost everything and Yuriko coldly sent her away, stating she was done with her. After that, she invited Yumeko to play the same game against her. She acted very kind the whole time and remarked how interesting Yumeko's playstyle was. Everything went well for her and she lost and won some. But then she confronted Yuriko about purposefully defeating Mary in the intent of destroying her even more. She stated Yuriko was shit and a horrible person. A dealer named Kumagusu got angry but Yuriko calmed her down and called it "playful banter". Yumeko continued to mock her, which made Yuriko extremely angry.

Yuriko getting angry at Yumeko

At one point Yumeko decided to bet a lot of money. Yuriko of course betted the same. But before Kumagusu lifted the pot to show who won, Yumeko revealed she figured out how Yuriko cheated. She then became extremely scared and it occurred to her that she could actually lose. With so much money on the line, Yuriko would lose the Club and her Student Council seat. She was sweating from nervousness. Just then, Kirari Momobami, Ririka Momobami and Runa Yomozuki in and Yuriko couldn't get out of the game anymore.

Kirari hurrying a stressed Yuriko to play

Runa also noted how pale she looked. The tension was high, but Yuriko ended up winning through pure luck. Kirari noted how impressed she was by her and Yumeko was turned into a housepet.

Since then, Yuriko was always very nervous and embarrassed whenever Yumeko came up. Even though she won, it was very close and quite humiliating. Yuriko didn't even show up to the council the next day. When she heard about how Yumeko must have a massive fortune, she was confused as to why she didn't free herself from her housepet status. She was then especially worried, at the thought that Kirari would gamble against Yumeko and become a housepet.

Kakegurui XX

Yuriko confused and worried by the announcement of the election

Yuriko was overwhelmed by the arrival of the Hundred Devouring Families and didn't want to allow the presidential gamble, since the school's order would collapse. She tried to argue with Kirari Momobami, but to no avail. During the announcement, she was utterly distraught.

Yuriko collapsing after being poisoned by Miyo Inbami

She later played Life or Death against Miri Yobami and Miyo Inbami, but Yuriko lost due to being poisoned by them that she collapsed and she was brought to a hospital. After she recovered, she is chatting with Midari Ikishima about the current events, being that Sayaka Igarashi challenged Yumeko Jabami. Yuriko is disgusted by Midari's craving for pain and suffering inflicted by Yumeko. She doubts that Sayaka has a chance to beat Yumeko. She is also surprised to learn that Sayaka used to study extremely much when she was younger, as she can hardly imagine it.

Yuriko at the auction

She shows up to the votes auction in order to save her club and she received all the votes she had from her club members. There, she manages to win 100 votes, but feels somewhat uneasy. Yumeko then reveals that there are more bidders and that the organizer of the game is Rei Batsubami herself. Yuriko is astonished by that revelation. She realizes Rei's plan and decides to work together with Midari in order to keep the council alive. Midari immediately bets too much, to Yuriko's annoyance. But in the end, thanks to Yumeko, Rei loses all her votes.


Yuriko is invited to join the tournament, facing Midari Ikhisima in the second match of the first round. She has 31 votes at the beginning of the game. While playing Rock Paper Scissors Poker, Yuriko says that she can't afford to lose for the sake of her club, since losing her spot on the Student Council would put it in danger. However, she is defeated and loses all her votes again. Upset, she tries to argue with the election observer, Kurara Kurokura, saying that the match was unfair, but she is unable to prove that Midari cheated.

Kakegurui Twin

Yuriko in Kakegurui Twin

Yuriko is briefly shown during a meeting of the Student Council as Sachiko Juraku praises the success of her club's game. Since Twin is set about one year before the main story, so Life or Death was presumably invented around that time. It is revealed Yuriko becomes a council member for winning the main prize at the school festival in the previous year. During the current festival, she visited a haunted house which made her nervous. Afterward, she receives a report Ougatou twins show up at her club and challenge her to waver her council seat.

Kakegurui Midari

Yuriko stopping Midari from breaking the bowl

Yuriko shows up at the Beautification Council's office because Midari Ikishima called her to ask her something. During work, she came into possession of an expensive-looking bowl from a girl whose money she had to collect. Because she is no expert herself, Midari wants Yuriko to evaluate it. Yuriko takes a quick look at it and states it's a youhen tenmoku teabowl. She adds it has to be a replica due to the unmeasurable rarity and value of these artifacts. Midari is upset that her treasure is less valuable than she expected and decides she's going to smash it into pieces. However, Yuriko stops her.

Yuriko and Midari arguing

While she's pretty sure it's not authentic, she doesn't want to take any risk, as youhen tenmoku bowls are important national treasures. She suggests asking for a professional appraisal and is even willing to pay for it with her own money. Midari, though, proposes to decide with a gamble and even forces Yuriko to use the bowl in the game, making her upset. After Yuriko loses, she begs for a rematch. Midari wants her to bet her club, but she obviously refuses. Eventually, she suggests to bet her own hair, explaining that for a woman it's equivalent to her life. This time Yuriko wins and gets to take the bowl. Ayame Nureba wonders if Midari didn't do it on purpose. In the end, we see Yuriko drinking tea from the bowl.


Yuriko in the drama

In the live action, Yuriko is played by Natsumi Okamoto where her role remains the same.


Kakegurui - Compulsive Gambler

Kakegurui XX


Kakegurui - Compulsive Gambler


  • The name Yuriko means "lily" (百合) (yuri) and "child" (子) (ko).
    • The flowers on Yuriko's kimono are lilies, which references her name.
  • Yuriko's surname Nishinotouin means "west" (西) (nishi), "field, wilderness" (野) (no), "cave" (洞) (tou) and "hospital" (院) (in).


  • Yuriko is known for her narrowed eyes, which she never widens them until Yumeko Jabami reveals her cheating methods.
  • In a colored panel from Kakegurui: Midari, Yuriko is seen with reddish-brown eyes. It is very likely this is the true color of her eyes.
  • Yuriko takes great pride in her long hair, considering it "the life of a woman." In the manga, her hair is black. Midari even comments on this, impressed by how dark Yuriko's hair is.