Yuriko Nishinotouin is a supporting character of Kakegurui. Yuriko is a third-year student in Hyakkaou Private Academy and member of the student council and is the head of Traditional Culture Research Club.


Yuriko has long brown hair and her eye color stays unknown, since her eyes are consistently depicted as if they are closed. She wears traditional Japanese clothes, as she is the head of the Traditional Culture Research Club.


Yuriko is a calm, well-mannered yet manipulative character. Her true nature is that she dismisses those she deemed as not worthy of her time, and is utterly persuasive. As pointed out by Yumeko, she is shit. She enjoys putting the hopes of those, who are already low up and then crashing them completely.

She is shown to be a poised and graceful lady. Though once provoked, she emits a dark expression and can get easily angered by simple goading, as shown by Yumeko during a gamble called 'Life and Death'. When proved otherwise, Yuriko's calm demeanor can quickly arise into a distressed and panicked state and will attempt to defend herself.

Under pressure, she can negotiate in just a short period of time in order to prevent the loss of her status and wealth, as depicted during final round of the aforementioned game.


Kakegurui - Compulsive Gambler

She was first seen winning a game of Life or Death against Mary. After that she played the same game against Yumeko. Everything went well for her, until Yumeko discovered her cheating method. They then betted a lot of money. With so much money on the line, she would lose the Club and her Student Council seat. She was sweating from nervousness. Just then Kirari, Ririka and Runa joined in. The tension was high, but Yuriko still ended up winning, through pure luck, making Yumeko a housepet and impressing Kirari.

Kakegurui XX

She was overwhelmed by the arrival of the Momobamis and didnt want to allow the presidential gamble, since the schools order would collapse. But of course, Kirari wouldnt listen. She later played Life or Death against Miri and Miyo. She lost, most likely due to being poisoned by them. She collapsed and was brough to a hospital.